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This was the sixth season of Barnes Football Club.

  • 1867–68 Barnes F.C. season
  • This was the sixth season of Barnes Football Club.
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  • Captain
  • Green
  • Unknown
  • Alfred Baker
  • Fanshawe
  • Nettleship
  • Rules
  • Secretary
  • 1020.0
  • 1005.0
  • N.N. : S. T. Holland , A. Baker, W. F. Baker, A. Bird, W. Bird, Borrodale, Collins, A. Fleet, H. N. B. Good, Green, C. Morrice, Dr Morton, J. Nicholas, A. J. Schwabe, J. Sharp.
  • Barnes : R. W. Willis , Adams, Antrobus, J. K. Barnes, G. de Castro, W. R. Collins, R. G. Graham, Lieut. G. H. Marshall, J. Mossendew, P. Pointer, Poupard, P. Rhodes, S. Le B. Smith, C. H. Warren.
  • Barnes : R. Willis, Barnes, Collins, Courtenay, A. Dunnage, Holt, Mossendew, Nettleship, Poupord, Rhodes, Roberts, S. Le B. Smith.
  • Barnes : R. W. Willis , Adams, Antrobus, J. K. Barnes, W. Butler, Foster, W. Nettleship, D. M. Roberts, C. Routh, S. L. B. Smith, C. Warren.
  • Game was scheduled to end at 17:00, but "by general consent" was continued until 17:30.
  • Crystal Palace : D. Allport, A. C. Chamberlain, J. Cockerell, A. L. Cutbill, R. Cutbill, H. Lloyd, A. Lloyd, A. Morten, A. Saward, J. Sharland.
  • Match scheduled, but no report was found.
  • According to the report, this was an annual fixture that had also been played in previous years. It appears that a Reverend Thomas J. Baty resided at Worlabye House, Roehampton; and thus "Worlabye House" may well represent the same team as "Students of the Rev. Mr Inchbold and the Rev. Mr Baty" and "Rev. T. J. Batey's Pupils" .
  • Barnes : R. W. Willis , J. K. Barnes, Broadbent, H. Butler, J. Cockerell, W. G. Collins, R. G. Graham, W. F. Nettlesmith, P. Rhodes, D. M. Roberts, C. Routh, W. Wootton, C. Warren.
  • C.C.C. : Davison, Dealtry, Dewthey, Eliot, Field, Gordon, Hewitson, B. Ker, J. C. Ker, Porter, Turner, Taylor, Townsend, Urlwin
  • Barnes : R. W. Willis , H. Adams, J. K. Barnes, Carr, W. R. Collins, R. G. Graham, H. G. Marshall, S. Le B. Smith, E. Weston, A. Wooton.
  • Worlabye House : Antrobus, C. Boyle, Coryton, J. Dunbar, E. Gaskell, J. Grant,Hon. G. Montgomery, F. Stephenson, Verelat, Hon. R. F. Villiers, E. Witt, J. Witt.
  • Royal Engineers : Lieut. W. Merriman , Lieut. R. Athorpe, Lieut. C. F. C. Beresford, J. E. Broadbent, Lieut. J. Brown, Lieut. D. M. N. Campbell, Lieut. D. C. Courtney, A. O. Green, Lieut. H. S. F. Haynes, W. G. Morris, J. C. Pottinger, Lieut. R. R. Pulford, Lieut. M. H. Purcell, Lieut. E. Stephens, Lieut. F. P. Washington.
  • C.C.C. : C. C. Dacre, C. Davison, H. Dealtry, Elliot, Fanshawe, A. French, F. Harting, D. M. Roberts, F. B. Soden, J. E. Taylor, P. O. Turner, J. Urlwin.
  • Barnes : R. W. Willis , Adams, Barnes, W. R. Collins, P. Evetts, R. G. Graham, A. Holt, L. Karslake, E. C. Morley, Mortimer, J. Mossenden, S. Le B. Smith.
  • Royal Engineers : Pottinger , Barlow, Browne, Campbell, Chambers, Courtney, Fanshaw, Fellowes, Green, Johnstone, Morgan, Morris, Pulford, Purcell.
  • Barnes : J. K. Barnes, C. Boyle, W. Collins, R. Courtenay, A. Dunnage, R. G. Graham, L. Karslake, Luff, E. C. Morley, J. Mossendew, W. Nettleship, Poupard, M. Roberts, S. Le B. Smith, Warren.
  • D
  • L
  • V
  • W
  • "Outer Lines"
  • 930.0
  • 945.0
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  • This was the sixth season of Barnes Football Club.
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  • Captain
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